The Showdown Half Marathon 2017 Pace Squad

We're happy to be offering pacers for a variety of finish times to either give you company on that first half marathon, help you accomplish your time goal, or maybe help some veteran runners set a new personal record! We offer more pacers than many races, with goals of finish times in 5 minutes intervals from 1:45 to 3:00, and a team at 3:30 also!

That means a team of 36 people all dedicated to getting you to the finish!

A Past Pace Squad for The Showdown

2017 Pace Squad Members

Our glorious squad is below. Then scroll down, or click on your goal finish time in the table, and read bios and see pictures about the individuals at your projected or goal finish time who you plan to hang out with for 13.1 miles!

Pace Squad Organizer: Andrew Rose

Pace Time Pacer Pacer
1:45 Craig Carrell Jim Pultorak
1:50 Melissa Davis Amanda Davis
1:55 Brandon Vallair Kelly David
2:00 Lisa Keener Brooke Holland
2:05 Cara Johnson Meghan Klement
2:10 Marissa Sifuentes Letty Uribe
2:15 Suki Kouronis Teri Anderson
2:20 Jodi Young Katherine Montgomery
2:25 Jennifer Scott Pam Pham
2:30 LaVette Murphy Belinda Ponce
2:35 Mariam Talia Diana Collins
2:40 Chauncey Eastes Amy Hall
2:45 Gigi Smith Jennifer Daw
2:50 Telander Foster Grace Walker
2:55 Chris Higman Tom Johnson
3:00 Erica Holly Meghan O'Gorman
3:30 Gordon McKenzie Drew Pelletier
Floating Pacers Andy Rose Jennifer Van Vlack




1:45 Pace Team

Craig Carrell

Craig started running in 2001 with a half marathon as a challenge from a friend and hasn’t looked back since. He is a Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher and 2 x Ironman Triathlon finisher. He runs 12-15 races annually and enjoys the half marathon as his favorite distance. He started a church running group because he loves to share his passion and joy of running with others. Pacing gives him the opportunity to help others reach their running goals, but most importantly have fun while doing so. He is a father of 3 girls (25, 21 and 11) and an active member of his church!





Jim Pultorak

Jim is a husband and father to 4. He and his wife Jennifer will be both pacing the Showdown. He began running in 2005 and ran his first marathon after his doctor told to exercise and lose weight. Since then he has completed 17 marathons which includes 6 trips to Boston. Running has become a part of his life and you will find him running most mornings. He is happy to pace runners to new PR’s or to be there for support. Be prepared to have fun and enjoy the beautiful route.




1:50 Pace Team

Melissa Davis

Melissa is a mom of two and a high school science teacher. She has a passion for fitness and completed her Masters in Exercise Science. She has been running for over twenty years from 5Ks to marathons to triathlons. Some of her favorite running memories are training runs with great friends. She loves to help others achieve their running goals and looks forward to pacing the half.





Amanda Davis

Amanda grew up playing soccer competitively, which is where her love of running started. In 2008 she ran her first marathon, the Big D in Dallas. As soon as she crossed the finish line, she couldn't wait to do it again! She fell in love with training, running and pushing herself. Since then, Amanda has put dozens of half-marathons under her belt, and to date has completed 15 full marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice (2014, 2017). Amanda loves helping others reach their goals, break through barriers and achieve things they never thought possible. Her husband, two daughters, and faithful Labrador are her biggest cheerleaders on the road and in life and inspire her to give it her all and do her best!



1:55 Pace Team

Brandon Vallair

Brandon is a husband, father of 4 and owner of and the EXCELR8 Running Club, one of the largest running clubs in the DFW area based out of Wylie. He literally paces for a living and has helped clients complete distances from 5Ks to Full Marathons including several The Active Joe Events. As an avid runner, he's run events from 100 meters to 100 miles. Brandon enjoys giving back to the running community and he feels pacing is a great way to do that. He looks forward to getting you from the starting line to the end of The Showdown Half Marathon!





Kelly David

Kelly is a long time runner and loves helping others work towards their running goals – whether it is a distance goal or time goal! She enjoys anything from trail running to obstacle course races. Her favorite distance is the half marathon – such an accomplishment while fun at the same time! She is looking forward to helping you reach your goals at one of her favorite races – The Showdown Half Marathon. Come join her and break the sub 2 hour half together!





2:00 Pace Team

Lisa Keener

Lisa has been running for 10 years and continues to enjoy every minute of it! Her running career started when she finally stopped believing that she couldn’t run and said "yes, I can run". She thanks her best friend for inspiring her to run and believing in her. Lisa is goal oriented and knows that if you set goals for yourself you can and will achieve them. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, will also help motivate and encourage you to crush those goals that you set for yourself. She can’t wait to help you cross the finish line!





Brooke Holland

Brooke started running 6 years ago when a friend asked her to monitor her husbands' first 5K at Mayfest since her friend was pregnant and couldn't run alongside him. Her friend was worried he would pass out or injure himself. So Brooke took her second child at 9 months of age in a jogging stroller and finished with a need to try for more. She ran her first half marathon that November and joined Lifetime Mansfield Run Club ready to reach for more. She has run 25Ks, more half marathons, trail runs, relay runs, and 6 marathons now. After a hip stress fracture 4 1/2 years ago, and during the healing process when the orthopedic surgeon told her she couldn't run for 6 months, she jumped into triathlons. She has now completed a half Ironman in Galveston Tx, and her first full Ironman this year in Texas Woodlands. Brooke continues to enjoy Fort Worth Tri group, Lifetime Fitness Run Club, and is being trained by Mad Dog Training group to qualify for Boston Marathon presently. This past Rock n Roll Dallas half marathon was the first time she put aside her goals and helped carry another runner, whom she did not know, to cross the finish line on his first half marathon. He had passed out from heat exhaustion and, as a nurse, she took it upon herself to monitor his vitals while getting him through the race. The feeling of helping support another made her want to continue to do more for other runners to help them reach their goals. This lead her to join the pacer group for this half marathon!


2:05 Pace Team

Cara Johnson and Meghan Klement

Cara & Meghan are two moms that teach high school science and run daily as their therapy session and to support their ice cream and chocolate addictions. You don't typically see an Aggie (Meghan) and a Longhorn (Cara) run together but they have been running partners for over 4 years despite their rivalry (although there may be a little smack talking here and there). During runs, they rarely have a lull in conversation. They always make sure to have fun, so spending 13.1 miles with them at The Showdown Half is guaranteed to breeze by!



2:10 Pace Team

Letty Uribe

Letty began running when she signed up for her first 10K in November 2012. It was only for fun she told herself then signed up for a few more small local races the following year. In 2014 she joined her gym's run group, Life Time Run where she currently is a Run Lead/Coach. After running her first half marathon in October 2014, she instantly fell in love with the 13.1 distance. Fourteen half marathons later (several as a pacer) and 4 marathons (one as a pacer), running is her happy place. Pacing has become one of her passions because she loves giving back to the running community by helping and encouraging runners to achieve their goal! She's looking forward to meeting you at The Showdown Half Marathon and getting you across that 2:10 finish line!




Marisa Sifuentes

Marisa started running in June 2014 when she joined her gym's run club and has since run various 5ks, 10ks, halfs and marathons. Running is her therapy and although it is an individual sport she have made many good friends that share the same passion she does. In her short time running she also had the opportunity and pleasure of pacing a few races and enjoys that as well as it is a great feeling helping others experience the joy of running. Marissa is very excited to pace Fairview half marathon this year and look forward to running with you!


2:15 Pace Team

Suki Kourounis

Suki started running in 1976 and has ran over 96,000 miles since then. New York City marathon was her 1st marathon in 1986 and she has been unstoppable since then! She has run well over 260 marathons including Boston marathon in 2005 and ultra marathons such as 50K, 50 mile, 100k to 100 mile & 24hr National Championship races and 7 day International Ultra marathon, LOUTRAKI in Greece in 2006 and ran for 534 Km. She was a run group coach at Lifetime Fitness Plano in 2005-2008. Running and fitness is her passion for most of her adult life! She is very excited to run with you at The Showdown Half Marathon to help you achieve your goal!





Teri Anderson

Teri's running mantra is "Just Keep Moving". She is married and has a son and two dogs. When people ask her why she runs, she tells them it's because she likes to eat! She loves to pace others and finds it very rewarding to help other runners along their journeys to acheive their goal. Her running goal is to run her first 50 miler on a mountain and to pace as many races as possible. She looks forward to helping you finish The Showdown Half.





2:20 Pace Team

Jodi Young

Jodi began running in 2012 after getting bored with the treadmill. Her goal was to run a 5K every month until she met the McKinney Running Club (MRC) in 2013 and was “convinced” to train for a 10K, which ended up being her first half marathon in October 2013. The very next year, she ran several half marathons and trained and finished her first full marathon. Jodi has run 4 marathons, many half marathons and loves the friendships she has made in the running community. She runs regularly with McKinney Running Club and Cooper Fitness Runners. She is very excited to meet you at The Showdown Half and help you achieve YOUR goals of getting to that finish in 2:20!




Katherine Montgomery

Katherine made a life decision in 2007 to be a healthier person. She has run 20 half marathons, a full marathon, and several 5 and 10Ks. She has completed the Ragnar Relay in Colorado, the Texas Independence Relay, and the Ragnar Hill Country Trail Relay. She has recently started completing triathlons and has completed 4 sprints. She is married, has two energetic boys, and works full time. She loves the outdoors. She truly appreciates being part of a community of like-minded people. She enjoys encouraging other runners and looks forward to pacing The Showdown Half as way to give back to the running community. She looks forward to running with you and helping you to acheive a 2:20 finish.




2:25 Pace Team

Pam Pham

Pam Pham, full time educational diagnostician and mom of two, picked up running in 2012 after the birth of her son to stay healthy and was soon hooked. Since then, she has completed several 5k, 10k, half marathons and 2 full marathons. During the past year, Pam caught the trail running bug and recently completed the Cross Timbers Half Marathon and Hells Hills 50mile race. While not running, Pam enjoys spending time with her family, friends, crafting and strength training. She is beyond excited to help and motivate YOU across the finish line.




Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott is a runner who is formerly of Allen, and now resides in Colleyville. Jennifer began running 10 years ago and since then, has completed numerous 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons, as well as two full marathons. She is currently training for the Fort Worth Marathon’s 20-mile race in November. Jennifer is also a running coach at Life Time Fitness in Allen. She enjoys spending time with other runners and is looking forward to helping you reach your 2:25 goal!





2:30 Pace Team

Belinda Ponce

Belinda was raised in Fairview and currently lives in McKinney. She began fast walking and running 4 years ago. She began training in 2015 for her first half marathon. Running is her passion. She loves to pace, to inspire others to run, and to make others feel they can achieve their goals. She has completed several 5Ks, 10ks, and 15ks along with 17 half marathons, one marathon, and a 50K ultramarathon. She looks forward to pacing you to your finish goals at the The Showdown Half Marathon.






Lavette Murphy

LaVette was bitten by the running bug in 2014 after struggling thru a 5K a friend convinced her to run. She quickly found a local 5K training program and began running with others who shared her desire to grow as a runner. Fast forward 3 years and LaVette has completed several 5Ks, 10Ks & 15Ks, 28 half marathons, 1 full marathon, the Texas Independence Relay (200 miles) and has registered for her first Ragnar Hill Country Trail Relay (Oct ’17). Running is a passion for LaVette and she looks forward to helping you reach your 2:30 goal and have a blast at the 2017 Showdown!




2:35 Pace Team

Diana Collins

Diana started running in 2015 with The Showdown being her first half marathon. She started running with Lifetime Running Group, and is currently an active member of McKinney Running Club. She began running because a friend was wanting to run a ½ marathon that was on his bucket list, so she thought what the heck what is one half marathon. Well, since then she has ran 17 half marathons, 3 marathons (training for her 4th), and several 5Ks, 10Ks, and 15Ks. The friendships that have been formed has to be what she enjoys the most about running, but the health benefits are a close second. While this will be her first race she is pacing, she likes giving encouragement to other runners, and hopes that she can help them form the love for running, and the awesome friendships that come from running. While her husband and two daughters really aren’t into running (although her daughter will run Marine Corp Marathon with her), they are very supportive of all her crazy running activities.


Mariam Talia

Mariam began running 6 years ago when she moved from a rural setting to McKinney. As a single mom of 4 kids she needed an escape and since her horse was no longer available running became it. In 2014 she completed her first 5k with a friend and from there it all began. Running has become her passion and along the way she has made some wonderful friends who insist she sign up for all these races! And thanks to their persuasion she has completed 18 half marathons, 3 marathons and many 5ks and 10ks, and she won't have it any other way. She is active with the McKinney Running Club.




2:40 Pace Team

Amy Hall

Amy started running in 2012 on a dare. After a few weeks of struggling through a couch to 5k program, she had dropped 2 pants sizes and felt great. That was enough to convince Amy she was now a runner. Amy discovered her love for pacing when she helped a friend beat a personal record she had struggled to beat for 13 years. Amy believes that personal development and attaining goals is a constant struggle, while encouraging others to achieve their own goals is where you find real gratification.




Chauncey Eastes

Chauncey began running in 2009 after her best friend talked her into walking the L.A. Marathon. Though she was a certified personal trainer, Chauncey did not run or walk long distances. It was a miserable, humbling first race, but it made her determined to become a runner. Since then, she has grown to absolutely love running and completed races from 3k to 50 miles, including 11 marathons. Whether it's a friend or a client, pacing someone to achieve a PR or finish a race for the first time is one of her favorite things. Chauncey is super excited to run with you as you rock that 2:40 finish time! 




2:45 Pace Team

Gigi Smith

Gigi started running in 2014 with a goal of one day completing a half marathon. Gigi trained by herself for the Dallas RNR in 2015 and never really committed to running with others until she realized how encouraging and beneficial it was to run with a group. Since then, Gigi has completed multiple 5K's, 10K's, half marathons and her first marathon, OKC Memorial, in 2016. Needless to say, she did it with a group of fantastic friends who made the experiences incredibly fun. Gigi has started a run group with her church and looks forward to encouraging others to fall in love with the sport of running. Join her for The Showdown Half at the 2:45 pace and experience the greatness of running with those who thoroughly celebrate the accomplishments of others.




Jennifer Daw

Jennifer is thrilled to be one of the 2:45 pacers and to have the opportunity to share 13.1 miles with anyone ready to have fun. Running brings her such joy and has twin 6 year old boys to blame for it. They were NICU preemies and she was determined to run her first half for them a year after they were born. They are and will always be her "why". That year she ran, she conquered, and she fell in love with running.






2:50 Pace Team

Grace Walker

Grace started running 3 years ago because she likes food and running allows her to indulge in that passion. She started with a Couch to 5K program and started running 5Ks until she joined a local running club. During one of the Saturday long runs a runner said running a half marathon would be fun and she was already trained for it. She has since found a true passion for running and enjoys sharing that passion with others. You often will see Grace and her sisters at races running together. She has run 20+ half marathons and 2 full marathons. She loves the challenge of self-improvement and is always looking to get a little bit better. She enjoys pacing races and helping runners reach their goals.



Telander Foster

Telander is the mother of twins that are high school seniors. Her kids are her personal cheer squad and love to tell their friends that she is a runner. She started running with the couch to 5k app 4 years ago. She fell in love with running and has not stopped. Telander travels across the country running for fun with friends. Pacing brings her so much joy! Helping you to reach your goal while having a great time and memorable experience is her job! She looks forward to helping you reach your goal!!


2:55 Pace Team

Chris Higman

Chris has found that pacing allows him to give back to the running community. He and his pace partner, Tom, look forward to meeting new friends, and see those who've run with them on past Active Joe races. He looks forward to seeing you at The Showdown Half.







Tom Johnson

Tom has been a runner for more than 45 years and appreciates that it's one of the great "lifetime" sports. Over the years Tom has competed in races from 5K to 50 miles and everything in between. He loves that sense of accomplishment one gets when setting goals and then working hard to achieve them. Further, Tom has great passion for helping others experience that fantastic feeling of accomplishment as well. So, if you're looking to complete your first half marathon or striving to beat the three hour mark, then join Tom and his long time pacing partner Chris Higman, at The Showdown Half Marathon. They promise to include some laughs, good conversation, lots of encouragement and, who knows, maybe even a PR for you. Let's do this!



3:00 Pace Team

Meghan O'Gorman

Meghan began running in 2012 in order to lose weight. After a couple knee injuries, she started training for her first 5k. In October 2014, she ran her first race at the Dallas Mavericks 5k and was hooked! She completed her first Half Marathon at The Color Half in March of 2015. Since then she has ran numerous smaller distance races, 23 half marathons, and 1 full at Little Rock in March of 2016. Her goal for 2017 is to complete her first 50k in May. She has been active with the Irving Running Club since 2015, and loves running and meeting new friends. Meghan is excited to share her love for running and motivate you for 13 miles to reach your 3:00 goal!





Erica Haynes

Erica picked up running in 2012 with the goal to finish a 5k and never a half marathon. Many half marathons later she has found herself addicted to the distance. Throughout her running journey shes became more active on social media and have met fabulous people who have inspired her to dream big and to just go for it. She wants to return the many favors given to her by helping others reach their target goal and to help them enjoy the beautiful course that The Showdown offers!





3:30 Pace Team

Drew Pelletier

This is Drew. And there are many Jeffs in the world, and many Toms as well. But this... is Drew. You maybe thinking, And...? But are you Drew? No you are not. Neither is Scott Baio Drew. Frank Gifford is not Drew. But this... is Drew. The Running bug hit in February 2011 when he did his first half marathon. Since then he has done over a hundred of them and several marathons , a ton of 5 and 10K's for the heck of it. The Active Joe and Rock and Roll series tend to be where most of his race money is spent, and for good reason. Drew belongs to the Rock and Roll Gypsies, NTX Runners, Black Sheep and Hogwarts Running Club. People seem to like running with him, he can't tell you why. Not the slightest clue. However if you want to find out, come see him at The Showdown Half.


Gordon McKenzie

Gordon started running in 2012 as training for the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon. Later that year he completed the Disneyland Half and Disney Wine & Dine Half and hasn’t slowed down since. He qualified and joined the Half Fanatics running club in 2015 after completing his first full marathon as part of the Disney World Dopey Challenge. Fairview will be his 37th half marathon on the way to completing 40 by years’ end. Gordon will also be attempting his qualification runs into Marathon Maniacs later this year by running the Chicago full, Route 66 full, and Rock n Roll San Antonio full before the 2018 Dopey Challenge. He may not be the fastest runner, but he gets there with a smile on his face and usually a kilt around his waist.



Floating Pacers

These are two strong runners who are comfortable running anything from a 1:45 to 3:00. They will fill in for any last-minute problems where a pacer can’t attend (sick, emergency, sick family, etc.). If all the pacers show, they’ll choose which pace team they want to run with to help out those participants!

Andrew Rose

Andrew has been running since 2011 when he began running to raise funds in memory of his nephew Mavrick after he lost his battle with leukemia, fell in love with running, and hasn’t stopped since. He has ran a bunch of half marathons, marathons, seven 50Ks, and a 50 miler. His most memorable races are those where he has paced, either on a team or one on one with a friend, and thus been a part of helping someone achieve a new race distance, a new personal record, or just pushing through the walls along the way. He looks forward to seeing you all out there with our amazing pacers to accomplish your goal at The Showdown Half Marathon!





Jennifer Van Vlack

Jennifer started running (2013) after the birth of her first child to lose the baby weight, with the goal of running one half marathon, which seemed impossible. She has since completed over 25 half marathons, 12 marathons and a half dozen ultra-marathons (50k, 50M, and 100M). She has crewed Badwater 135 for Dale Cougot for the last two years. By pacing, she enjoys helping others to exceed their own expectations.








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